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Greyhound Adoption of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. an organization dedicated to finding good homes for retired racing greyhounds.  We are also dedicated to encouraging community awareness of the availability of racing greyhounds for adoption, the suitability of greyhounds as companions, and the consequences that may befall racing greyhounds who are unable to find homes upon retirement.

Our MISSION: To strive for the best quality placements. 
We focus on being small and doing things right.  We recognize that we cannot save all the greyhounds in the world, but we can make a difference to the ones we touch.  That is why our focus will be on quality of placement, not quantity of placements.

About Us... We formed our group in 2002 to provide local service and support to our present and future Cincinnati/Dayton area adopters.  G.A.G.C. is incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization.  We operate with a Board of Directors, and we have three experienced placement representatives in the area.  We service an area of 50 miles around Cincinnati, as well as 50 miles around the Dayton area.

As a non-profit we have limited resources, so we will need your help to continue.  In March of 2003, we received tax-exempt recognition under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501(c)(3).  This recognition allows G.A.G.C. to receive donor tax-deductible donations to further the future growth and development of our organization.  If you can help, we are in need of donations, and now they're tax-deductible!  There are greyhounds waiting for homes that are counting on our success!

Website in Transition
We are sorry about the lack of updates the past two weeks. We are transitioning to an exciting new design for the website. What you are experiencing now is a transition to the new design which will be coming in January. At that time it will also be optimized for mobile devices All of the information that you are accustomed to seeing is here and will be updated regularly. Thank you for your patience as we strive to improve!

PLEASE DONATE- GAGC depends on your generosity to continue to foster and place happy, healthy retired greyhounds. Please click the button at the right to make a safe, secure donation!
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Updated December 14, 2014

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